TaxesPlus + Welcome to the future

2023 has been the year of our transformation. We finally accepted that 90+ hour work weeks for some employees was not sustainable anymore and it was time to change.

This change has been deliberate so that we can spend more time with clients, make everything we offer all-inclusive, give quick assessibility to our team, and of course no surprise invoices. For us, taxes, strategy, and financial wealth go hand in hand, so why not be a part of our client’s transformations? We want to be rested, ready, and available when our clients need us to achieve their goals.

Some of the extra perks working under a subscription model this year (2023):

  1. Tax return & quick questions anytime – INCLUDED
  2. Audit protection – INCLUDED
  3. Addressing Federal and State tax notices – INCLUDED
  4. Proactive Tax Planning – INCLUDED

Thank you for joining us and we will continue offering our best!


Need to access a past tax return or send us a secure message? You can do so here or by downloading the LISCIO app: