TaxesPlus is migrating communications to Liscio

We’ve found a solution that brings communication, file sharing, and storage together in one place. It’s called Liscio.
This platform is going to replace the multiple programs and messaging tools that we’ve had in the past and bring everything onto one secure solution.

Why Liscio? 
Within Liscio, you can send messages to TaxesPlus team members, send missing documents, sign documents, access final document storage, and get notifications via text, push notification, and email so you won’t miss the next step in completing your taxes. Simply put, Liscio makes us safer, more convenient, and mobile. You can use the app or the desktop version to communicate with us.

Going forward, we will be communicating and working with you through Liscio, instead of email. Liscio is available via mobile app and web browser; allowing you to work with us at home, at work, or on the go. You will receive an email from Liscio on 10/1/2022 which serves as your invitation for the platform (invites expire after seven days and after activation). Click here to learn how to set up your account.

Please bookmark the login for quick access to Liscio. You can also download the Liscio Mobile App and access Liscio on your mobile device. Please follow this link to download the mobile app:

How is Liscio safer than email?Email continues to be the main entry point for cybercriminals looking to steal data. The IRS has seen a 60% increase in email phishing and email schemes (source) and expressly prohibits the unencrypted exchange of personally identifiable or other sensitive information via email. Liscio’s invite-only platform replaces vulnerable email with a private, clear channel for us to securely communicate with you. Add built-in multi-factor authentication and we now have a much safer space to work together.