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Payroll Services

On the surface, running payroll for your company seems simple enough—multiply hours worked by hourly waged, apply taxes, and issue the checks. Of course, if you’re a business owner, you’ve likely learned that running payroll is significantly more complicated than that. Payroll can be a time-consuming process, and errors can not only lead to complaints from your employees, but fines and other trouble with the government.

At TaxesPlus, we have the experience, tools, and knowledge you need to run your payroll quickly and accurately while getting those checks issued on time. We can apply deductions for retirement plans and health insurance, wage garnishment, and the usual taxes and Social Security, while also applying and monitoring PTO where applicable.

We’ll also handle all the backend work that happens in the time between paydays, including accurately integrating and reconciling your accounting to payroll filings, analyzing Employer Retention Credit eligibility, filing payroll tax forms, submitting employer payroll reports, and more. Our proactive, professional approach, as well as our expertise in handling both payroll and taxes, will help protect your business from trouble with the IRS while giving your employees the peace of mind that their payroll will always be submitted on time.

Don’t let late or inaccurate payments cause problems for your company. 

Payroll Services Benefits

• Check processing (free Direct deposit option)
• Employer Retention Credit (ERC) Analysis due to the passage of the CARES ACT
• Ability to deduct and monitor PTO, retirement, health, garnishment, etc. payroll deductions
• Accurately integrate and reconcile accounting to payroll filings
• Filing of payroll tax forms (941s & annual 940) & State Returns
• W3/W2 year-end processing
• Employer Payroll reports
• Aiding our new clients in resolving prior payroll issues with the IRS and the states.

*** Pricing is based on the number of employees, frequency of pay, and services needed and quoted on request.***
***Payroll services are only offered to business Tax Clients and is not offered
as a stand alone service.***
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