2021 – Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

Here is a quick summary of information on how to handle your 2021 ACTC Payments and common questions we have received:

IRS Information – Click Here

  • Do nothing if you want the payments in advance – IRS will use your 2020 tax return or 2019 (if 2020 is not yet filed) to pay you. Remember these payments are in advance of tax credits and will have to repaid if you do not qualify for the full credit amount due to higher income or other changes in 2021.
  • If you want to opt-out
    • Use your current IRS login (if you have one)
    • If you do not have an IRS login you can opt-out here:
    • You will need a valid driver’s license, cell phone number, and email id to use the above option
    • If filing a joint return, both spouses will need to opt-out

•Other FAQ’s answered at IRS.gov