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Eliminate tax stress and achieve financial health.

We care for your small business by providing ongoing support for tax questions and proactive planning even when it’s not tax season. With year-round tax and accounting services, you will stay tax compliant, receive quick answers to your questions, protect yourself from time consuming audits, and all the while making more informed financial decisions for your life.

Simple and hassle-free tax solutions

As a small business owner, you have enough on your plate. The ever-changing tax regulations, managing payroll, and the worry of potential audits can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. It's time to put an end to the stress and reclaim your peace of mind.

Taxes are, as the saying goes, one of the few inevitable things in life. But that doesn’t mean tax stress is unavoidable. At TaxesPlus, Inc., we specialize in taxes, plus a variety of other financial services to help you achieve holistic financial health.

Whether you’re an individual with a complex tax return or a business in need of comprehensive accounting and tax planning in Shawnee, KS, TaxesPlus can help. We’ll take those bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation hassles off your plate so you can breathe a little easier, with total confidence that your finances are in good hands. 

Of course, we don’t expect blind trust. We work closely with our clients, consulting and advising with you on a personal level so that we can understand your individual needs, and so you can gain the knowledge and confidence to become a full partner in your financial journey. 

If you want to reduce the time and number of headaches you’re sinking into your taxes and bookkeeping, contact TaxesPlus, Inc., today. Our team of experienced financial planners, CPAs, and tax preparers are available to consult with you and set you on a path to financial success for yourself, your family, and your business. Call today to schedule your initial meeting with a tax consultant in Shawnee, KS.

Get your life back.

Imagine a day where you are no longer thinking about your accounting and taxes, and worrying if a financial mistake could put you in jail. With our expert assistance, you’ll experience a newfound freedom. Spend time on activities that you love and we’ll take care of all things taxes and accounting.

Eliminate Tax Stress

We stay up-to-date on the latest tax regulations, providing uninterrupted support and guidance throughout the year.

Stay Accountable

Comprehensive services and proactive guidance year-round means you know what to expect with your business finances.

Make Informed Decisions

When you have an expert on your side providing guidance and support, you have financial insights to drive business success.

Served over 1,000 small businesses in 20 years

Our drywall company was only 4 years old and we tried 3 different Tax/Accounting Services. It was beyond frustrating that we were unable to find a firm to take the time to answer questions and complete all the tax requirements of a small business. TaxesPlus was recommended to us and a huge burden was lifted. I have been nothing but impressed with their responsiveness and depth of knowledge and I highly recommend Chelsea and her team. One visit and you will be sold!
Connie Sargent
Managing Member, Sarge Construction Services LLC
I have utilized the expertise of TaxesPlus as a referral source for my clients who need a knowledgeable, caring, and proactive accounting professional. I know that when I place my clients in their hands, they will be taken care of the exact same way that I take care of them. The service that clients receive is what they talk about most, and the service is always way above their expectations. The comment I hear the most is that in one meeting with an individual at TaxesPlus, clients learn more than they have in all years combined with their previous accounting professional.
Julia Bartak
CFP, Edward Jones
When we first met the team at TaxesPlus, we were multiple years behind in accounting and tax filings for our business due to the other CPA firm abandoning us despite taking our money each month. Fast forward 8 years later, TaxesPlus handles everything for our business and we never even file an extension. They are proactive with tax advice, easy to communicate with, and have been a great financial partner in our business. I now sleep better knowing that side of the business is in good hands.
Gary Doss
President, Midwest Freight Specialists

Your Trusted Partners

At TaxesPlus, we understand that running your business is a full-time job, and understanding the myriad of tax laws and compliance can be a headache. Our team of experienced accountants is here to guide you every step of the way. We stay up-to-date on the latest tax regulations, providing uninterrupted support and guidance throughout the year, so you can focus on what matters most – running your business.

Our Clients Are

Plumbers, heating & cooling contractors, and construction contractors

Commercial and Residential Roof Contractors

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investors

Restaurants and Bars

Professional Service Organizations (Engineers, consultants, IT professionals)

Service-Based Businesses

Get your peace of mind back and let us take it off your plate.